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Everything Download Software for Windows

If you take a look at the default Windows search option, you might observe that it is very very slow as compared to Ubuntu/Linux or other Operating Systems. There are a couple of options for Free Search Software for Windows 10/8/7 or older. You can Download Everything Software for Windows from here.

About Everything Software

Everything is a desktop search utility which can find Files and Folders faster than ever. Everything is a Free-Software which can be modified and requires attribution. The developer of Everything Windows Search Software is David Carpenter from Everything is the Fastest Search Software for Windows. Check the table below for more details.

CategoryDesktop Search
Operating SystemWindows

Everything (Software) Features

Here are some great features for Everything Software:

  • Small installation file
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Quick file indexing
  • Quick searching
  • Minimal resource usage
  • Share files with others easily
  • Real-time updating

Download Everything Software

Download Everything Latest Version and search faster on windows. Everything is the best desktop search utility for windows. You might also like downloading Rocket Dock for PC. When it comes to search utility for Windows, there’s no better option than Everything. With Everything, you can Search Everything on Windows Better than the default Windows search.

Download Everything Below:

Everything 32-Bit for Windows:

Download Everything 32-Bit

Everything 64-Bit for Windows:

Download Everything 64-Bit

There are a lot of older versions available for Everything, but these are the latest versions for 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows Operating Systems.

Final Words

Here, you got the latest version for Everything Search Software for Windows which is the Fastest Search Software for Windows. It got so popular after many YouTubers started using this software and recommending it to their followers. You can recommend this software to your friends by sharing it! So, do share it with your best friends. There are many Desktop Search Utility for Windows but Everything is definitely faster than others and have a better User-Interface.

We suggest everyone use this software instead of default windows search as it is better and uses fewer resources.

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