How to Bypass/Unlock Content Locker without extension

“The Content is Locked”, this line irritates you many times when you browse the internet. Read this post to know how to bypass this and read the full content without liking, tweeting or sharing. Bypass and unlock content locker easily.

What is Content Locking?

Nowadays, many bloggers use the method of content locking to gain more likes and followers on their social networking profiles just by locking the important content on their blog/website. They give you some “short” summary of the “main” content at the top and lock the remaining “important” content.

As you are curious to read the content further, you are forced to like their page, tweet/follow them or share the article on Google plus. Due to this, they gain more followers on their social profiles.

How does it work?

  • You visit a blog where you find very important content related to your need.
  • You read some part of the content and then you see a box saying “The Content is Locked”.
  • Then they ask you to like their Facebook Page, tweet/follow them on Twitter or share/follow on Google Plus.
  • If you don’t do this, you have no access to the remaining content which is more important than the previous content.
  • So, In order to gain access to the content, you (unlikely) follow their social media profiles.
  • Thus they gain more followers just by this simple practice.
  • You are happy as you get access to further content.

But will you follow/share/tweet every time to get access to the locked content on various websites?

The answer is NO. So what will you do? I have seen many videos/demonstrations where people are asked to install extensions to their browser to open the content. But is it safe?

Well, I found a better way to bypass or unlock this locked content.

How to Bypass or Unlock Content Locker (The Content is Locked)

I was just playing with the content locker on a blog. I was not logged in to any of my social profiles on that browser, so I didn’t share anything. I found this method to unlock or bypass the locked content coincidently, So I am sharing this with my viewers.

  • Log out of your social profiles in that Browser.
  • If you cannot do this, just open the same link in “Incognito Mode” in your browser.
  • Now Simply click on the Like/Share Button.
  • A New Window will appear which will ask you to login to your social profile. Close that window.

That’s it. The content should be unlocked.

  • If the content is not unlocked, try clicking on other sharing buttons like Tweet or Google Plus.
  • Now just close the New Window which popped up.

You will see that the content is unlocked.

Here is the Video Tutorial!

Final Words

This is how you can unlock or bypass the locked content on various websites/blogs using a very very simple trick. Hope you find it useful. If you have any other (better) method, please suggest in comments. Your comment is appreciated.

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