nScreen app guide for TCL Smart TV

Here is a quick guide to nScreen app for TCL Smart TV.

Previously, you read about tcl tv or tcl 4k uhd 55 inch android tv and android apps, now here you will learn how to use TCL nScreen app on your smart tv. N-screen app provides an easy way to view media on your phone directly to the TV.

About nScreen app

This app is developed by Shenzhen New Technology. To use the app first download TCL nScreen app from Play Store. This is the Play Store link. This app is meant to connect to your TCL TV and stream photos, videos or other media on the TV. Using this app you can also use your phone as a remote for your TV. Other than a TV remote, you can use this app as a wireless mouse. With a wireless mouse, you can use Chrome and other apps on your Smart TV very easily. Except for photos and videos, you can stream music on your TV directly from your phone.

How to connect the nScreen App on your TV

Connect your phone and TV to the same WiFi network (This is very important). Wait until you see an icon near the WiFi symbol on the top-right corner of your TV. You’ll see the icon after opening the app on your phone.

In case you cannot find this icon near the WiFi sign of your TV, disconnect the WiFi switch off the TV and restart the WiFi and TV. Then open the nScreen app on your phone, now you can find this icon near the WiFi sign of your TV.

If you found this icon on your TV, then you’ve successfully connected the nScreen app on your TV.

How to stream media from your phone to your TV

Open the nScreen app. You’ll find that you’ve connected your phone with your TV using the same WiFi. After opening the app, tap on Media Sharing on your phone.

You’ll see three tabs, through which you can stream picture, music or video from your phone to the TV. Now go to any folder or file which you want to be streamed on your TV.

Suppose I am taking the InformerFox Logo to be shown on the TV, then I will go to picture > Select the folder in which the Logo is > Select the Logo.

After that, I will click on the TV icon at the bottom-right corner of the mobile screen. Image will be showed on the TV.

In the similar way, you can stream music or videos from your phone directly into your TV. You just have to tap the Music or Video icon > Go to the Folder which contains the files you want to stream > Click on the TV button on the bottom-right corner and enjoy.

How to use your phone as a remote using nScreen app

Simply connect your phone to your TV as I showed above. Then tap on the Remote Control option on the home screen.

After tapping on Remote Control, you’ll see the remote control for your TV. Just use them as you use the real remote control of your TV. If you slide from right to left on the Remote Control on the app, you’ll find more remote control options

How to use your phone as wireless mouse and keyboard using nScreen app

Steps to follow.

Open the app > Connect your TV and your phone to the same WiFi > Tap on Remote Control

Here you’ll see a square with curved edges on the bottom right corner of your phone screen. Tap on it and you’ll see four arrows. It’s the track pad of the mouse. Start moving your fingers on the Track pad and you’ll see a cursor moving on your TV screen. You can use this cursor to use many apps on your TV such as YouTube, Chrome, etc.

To use your phone as a keyboard, just above the track pad of the mouse, there is a textbox provided. Tap on the textbox type what you wish to enter and press enter. The words you typed on your phone will be automatically typed/transferred to the TV.

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  1. It doesn’t work on mine. When I drag and drop the file and I tap on play on TV, it prompts that Wi-Fi disconnected meanwhile the Wi-Fi is connected to the network.

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