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TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV | My opinions



TCL 4K UHD Android Smart TV

If you are willing to purchase a TCL Smart TV, read this post.

Looking for a Smart TV? with android functions like YouTube, Play Store, Games, Chrome and similar apps or games?, then you should know about this TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV [L55P1US]. This TV is used by us for 3 months and here you’ll get complete details about the TV including the features and the opinions about the TV.

TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV details and specifications

TV resolution is 4K that is 3840 x 2160 pixels and is an LED TV. A screen size of this TV is 55 inches (note that screen size is measured diagonally) with a viewing angle of 178 degrees and aspect ratio 16:9. The maximum refresh rate is 60 Hz. Other than this the weight of this TV is 19 kg. This TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV comes with free shipping from Amazon and free wall mounting from TCL where an Engineer will come and fix it for free or you can take the wall mount from that engineer if you wish to wall mount the TV later.

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TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV Screenshot from Amazon

This TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV consumes 130 W power. It has 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. With a 64-bit Quad Core 1.5 GHz CPU and a Hexa Core 600 MHz GPU, this TV has “True Color” technology and performs very well. See my review below.

TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV Specifications

My Review

First of all about the order. I ordered this TV from Amazon and it came within a week. TCL offers a free wall mounting with this TV so I called the customer care number given on the Amazon website and asked for free wall mount. Surprisingly, the engineer came the next day and mounted the TV. Till now the TV has no problem.

The Google Play Store is not pre-installed but you can download it from the pre-installed app store of the TV. There is YouTube app pre-installed on this TV but it looks pretty outdated. I searched on the Play Store for the YouTube App and installed it. This YouTube app did not replace the earlier one, so there are two YouTube apps on my TV. The interface of the YouTube app installed from the Play Store is far better than the pre-installed one.

TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV YouTube App

About the sound quality, this TCL 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV comes with an 8W dual speaker with Dolby Surround Sound which gives great sound output, but still, I think that you should use a home theater instead. Video quality is very very good in this price. You won’t find such a great quality on any other 4K UHD 55 inch Android Smart TV except this.

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The interface of this TV is very good and you can use the TV with remote provided with the TV, USB or Wireless mouse and keyboard, or the TCL n-screen app on the Android smartphone. In another post, I will write about how to use this TCL n-screen app on this TV and play your videos, music or photos on your TV, or use the app as a remote or wireless mouse. You will find very interesting that you are able to use your phone as a wireless mouse for your TV.

You can use T-cast to display your phone screen on the TV. (Phones which support this function can only show the output, otherwise, you may have to purchase a phone which supports casting).

Other Options

As this is an Android TV, there are options like WiFi, Bluetooth, direct internet connection through LAN in the settings. You can connect to the WiFi using this TV and start exploring YouTube and other apps.

There are three HDMI ports, two USB ports, one VGA(for PC) port and other common ports.

My Suggestions

If you are willing to buy this TV, I suggest you use an HD or 4K set-top box for this TV, with HD or 4K channels because this TV is made for it and if you watch SD or normal channels on this TV, you will notice widening of the picture and blurriness in the picture quality. So, HD channels are recommended.

I appreciate the customer service of TCL in my city. I bought this TV from Amazon as a lightening deal which saved almost $45 which is pretty interesting. Overall the sound quality, video quality, user interface, build quality of this TV is good.

Why 4 Stars


Everything is perfect on this TV except the front screen, which is good perhaps if you maximize the backlight, you will see the extra white screen, which looks annoying. But in low backlight settings, this can’t be noticed and the TV looks fine. That’s all.

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