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Top Android Apps for Bloggers, Students, and Vloggers



Top Android Apps

Top Android Apps for Bloggers, Students, and Vloggers

Here, you’ll find some time-saving Android Apps available in the market.Android Phones are found in the hands of most of the people in this World, but very few people know about the correct apps which they need for their daily purposes. Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber, businessman, college student, or any other person, you require some apps which will fasten your work and decrease some time. Here I have listed the Android Apps, which you should have so that your work will be easier.

I am categorizing the apps into three types :

  • for Bloggers
  • for YouTubers
  • and Other Apps

Apps only for Bloggers – Android Apps

Blogging is one of the most growing trends on the internet. Sometimes, there is no availability of computers or laptops in remote areas. Due to this, it is difficult for the bloggers to update their blogs from that area. But there are some apps which can help them create great posts for their blogs. Great Android apps help in creating great blogs. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is the most popular blogging platform which provides a platform for bloggers who don’t need to spend money on hosting. Here, we’re discussing the Blogger app for Android. This is one of the best Android apps in the store. It is absolutely free.

Blogger app screenshot android apps

Blogger Play Store link

Blogger is one of the great apps developed by Google Inc. and offers the free domain with at its end. You can also buy a custom domain and connect it to your blogger blog. This will make to It is very easy to purchase a domain from any of the domain providers like GoDaddy and Hostgator and connect it to Blogger. With the help of this app, you can upload images on your blog post and write great content.

2. WordPress

WordPress is yet another blogging platform which offers free as well as paid hosting to the blogs. Free blogs on WordPress are as good as blogger and end with which comes with unwanted adverts on your blog. You can remove the advertisements by purchasing a plan from them. But in terms of search ranking, blogs are far better than Blogger blogs.

Wordpress app screenshot android apps

WordPress Play Store link

Better than Blogger if we compare among best blogging Android Apps.

3. Logopit Logo Maker Plus

Imagine that you have a great blog, but don’t have an attractive logo for your blog, How would it look like? Well, this app is a great tool to create awesome looking logos for your blog or youtube channel or musical band or anything else.

Logo Maker Plus app Screenshot android apps

Believe me, this app is very easy to use application and you can create stunning logo’s without hard work like you do in Photoshop or other tools. Soon I will write about creating a logo from this app in another post.

Update: Read this post – Quick steps to create a logo on Android device

Logo Maker Plus Play Store link

Apps for Video Editors/YouTubers

After blogging, a lot of people are taking YouTube as their career options. YouTube is a world’s #1 platform for creating and uploading videos and monetize them. Here are some apps which you can use to create or edit, a YouTube video.

  1. Filmora Go

FilmoraGo is developed by Wondershare software co. ltd. for creating and uploading videos on YouTube or for any other purpose. It has built-in effects such as Bokeh effect, or Lens Flares which give your videos a rich look.

FilmoraGo app screenshot android apps

This app has many other effects and options such as voice-overs which you can add to your video and transitions which make your video look attractive. Filmora is one of the best video editing Android Apps.

FilmoraGo Play Store link

2. Youtube Creator Studio

This is the official YouTube application for managing your videos on YouTube as you do it on a PC! through this app, you can watch and analyze your YouTube videos and change the settings on the app itself. It is a very easy to use application.

YouTube Creator Studio app screenshot android apps

YouTube Creator Studio Play Store link

3. Legend – Animate text in Video

If you want to create professional looking text intro for your video, this app will be the perfect one for you. Legend app allows you to create great-looking animated text for your video intro. There are common settings like drag and drop, resize, etc. available on this app.

Legend app screenshot android apps

Legend Play Store link

Other Apps

If you are not interested in any of the apps mentioned above for blogging and for YouTubers, then these apps might prove to be useful for you for daily purposes.

  1. SD Maid/ SD Maid Pro

This app is very useful for cleaning purposes. SD Maid is just of 1 MB and saves GB’s of storage on your device. I have used the PRO version of this app by purchasing it from the play store and found this app very helpful. It cleans most of the unwanted data on your phone like the cache. This app is developed by darken.

sd maid app screenshot android apps

SD Maid Play Store link

2. BYJU’s – The Learning App

BYJU's app screenshot android apps

BYJU’S – The Learning App, launched for the students across the world so that they can learn their favorite subjects on their mobile and in a reliable way. You have to pay money to access content on this app after 15 days trial period is over.  This app is developed by BYJU’S Education.

Though there are many applications available for Android devices on the Play Store, I’ve listed some of the important applications which might help you in your daily life. If you feel that there should be another app included in this list, please contact us through the contact us form or page.

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