5 Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider

We look for such a web hosting company that can offer their services at an affordable price. But some of the other ways we are not satisfied with their service and we migrate our website to another hosting service provider. In order to avoid this, we should choose such a hosting company that can offer you service as per your requirement and needs.

If your website/blog is hosted with some hosting provider and you are looking to migrate to another hosting service, there are various factors that you should keep in mind while choosing any other hosting provider. We often look at their customer support, review, prices and many more.

Here in this article, I am going to give you 5 Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider for your website/blog.

If you are new to blogging or hosting don’t worry these tips will help you out to choose rich feature web host for your new website/blog.

First, I want you to understand the demerits of choosing a Bad Web Hosting Company.

Demerits of Choosing a Bad Web Hosting Company:

  • The website can get crashed: Your entire website is dependent on the hosting company you choose. If there is some technical issue, there is a possibility that your data may get lost or else your entire website can get crashed. So, it is our responsibility to have a backup of your website/blog.
  • Bad Support: If there is some serious issue regarding your website/blog, you often look for the technical support from your hosting provider. But, there is some untrusted web hosting companies that offer worst technical support and eventually, we face loss in such cases.
  • Slow Page Loading Speed: The most important thing to rank your website is page speed. Most of the search engines like Google keep page speed as one of the ranking factors for the websites. But there are some small untrusted companies who provide web hosting as a reseller and they offer slow page speed for your website. This eventually causes losses to your website/blog.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider for your website/blog:

Tip 1#: Always Choosing a Cheap Web Hosts is not a Good Idea:

We all look for such a web hosting company that can offer their services at cheap prices. But folks choosing a cheap price web host is not always beneficial. There is some untrusted web hosting companies that offer their services at cheap prices but they don’t deliver that type of service that we are looking for.

So I personally suggest, if you are going to earn from your business then don’t get attracted to catchy lines as ‘cheap’ web host and all. But go for such a service provider that can offer you services regardless of the prices.

Tip 2#: Which type of User Interface do your Web Hosts offer?

User Interface is a very key factor that we look for while hosting our website with a particular web host. Different web hosts offer different user interface and you should know which interface is best for you.

Most of the website/bloggers prefer to use cPanel as the user interface for their website. It is easy to use and can easily install WordPress, setting up FTP accounts, Email accounts and managing your database.

There are some web hosting companies in the market who charge extra for cPanel and we are not aware of that. Keep this in mind that user interface is a very important parameter that you need to look into.

Tip 3#: Go through the Customer Review of that Company:

You know why I prefer this tip in the article. Most of us are not aware of the reviews while buying any web hosting plan. We often just Buy that web host as it is been ranked in the Google search engine result page (SERP). But the reviews distinguish the best web host from other web hosts. There are some who still are not keen to know about the company and they just choose a random web host for their website/blog and further they face a lot of issues about their service and other factors.

I suggest you to just go through the review of that particular company that you are going to host your website. I personally recommend you to go through Google reviews as their reviews are genuine and trusted ones.

Tip 4#: Does the company give Customer Technical Support Option:

When we choose any web hosts we first think about the technical support which plays a vital role.

Technical support is a crucial part that we look around while hosting our site for that particular company.

Most of the companies offer 24*7 technical support. But frankly speaking how many of them really mean it? Because there are some companies that offer bad technical support and customer experience has been worst. By looking at the present situation technical support is an important factor that we should consider while choosing a web host.

If you are really looking for such a company who can really offer 24*7*365 days technical support with the expert team then I can suggest you one name MilesWeb. Yes, 24*7, I have called them at 3 AM and solved some problems till 5 – 6 AM. They are very supportive.

I have gone through their site and the type of service, pricing, features and review I can suggest you try MilesWeb for your website/blog.

I have posted a review of MilesWeb as I have searched in google. Customer Reviews are the one who determines company service.

Tip 5#: Area of focus of that particular Company:

Those who are on the verge to start their own online business adopt shared hosting for their website. They buy shared hosting from some web host, but as the traffic of their website increases, they need to upgrade your plan to dedicated hosting. Now there are some companies that make themselves concentrate for that particular service only. If any hosting provider specializes in one particular service for e.g. dedicated server hosting then it won’t provide you the same quality service with VPS hosting. So it is very important to know the area of focus of that particular company that you will be hosting.

Now as I am done with the article and the tips that I have shared with you is very important. If you are on the verge of hosting your site then I can refer you to MilesWeb as mentioned before. They offer their web hosting services starting@99/mo.


I hope the tips that I have covered in this article are helpful. The one who is willing to buy a hosting plan should follow these tips which will help them to understand about the hosting companies and which one they need to choose for their website/blog.

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  1. Informative article. Thanks for sharing such a good article. I personally feels MilesWeb offers quality service to their customers. They reply instantly to the clients by their experienced technical support team.

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  3. For choosing the best hosting company you must first look at the rating of the company check whether the customers are happy with the company service or not if yes then choose that company and one more ensure that the company has better customer support for backend team.

  4. These tips are really helpful. I was searching for the complete checklist and found the perfect information here. Thanks for sharing.

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