There are a lot of people asking what exactly blogging is and how it helps to improve your skills. Well, here you’ll find the answer to this question.

To understand the advantages of blogging, we must know what blogging actually is and why blogging is beneficial for almost everyone in this world.

What is Blogging?

As the name suggests, Blogging comes from the word Blog and Blog comes from the word Weblog (Web+Log). In simple language, Blog means a personal diary which a person can share with the world through writing. So, ultimately, we conclude that Blog+Writing can be called as blogging. But this is not the exact definition of blogging. But we know, it is an adverb of the blog.

Why is it so? Because nowadays the meaning of blogging is totally changed. Now, people use blogging as a tool to help people, review products of some businesses, grow the community, increase contacts, express their thoughts more clearly, earn a good life, etc.

Remember, just sitting on a computer and copy-pasting from other blogs is not blogging (Most people do). Blogging includes your own thoughts and imagination expressed in a different way. Yes, to become a successful blogger, a lot of dedication and most importantly, your interest is needed.

Scientifically, Interest/Passion is directly proportional to Success in any field.

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Let’s discuss the advantages of blogging.

Blogging Advantages

Improvement in Typing Speed

Blogging regularly definitely improves your typing speed. From day one, if you blog regularly, your typing speed could be at least 40 wpm within a year. I am blogging and doing internet stuff for many years and that’s the reason my typing speed improved from 25-30 to 50+. Isn’t it good? I think every blogger will agree with me at this point.

There are many benefits of having good typing speed. Work gets done fast and easier. People and friends get impressed. Job Recruiters are impressed.

Better English skills

To improve English, what people do? join classes or read books?. Well if you are a blogger, you don’t need to do this. You type consistently and your English automatically improves while writing something. It is not just because of writing but your reading skills are developed and that’s why you write well.

Your confidence in English increases automatically and even your fear of speaking English in front of people will decrease automatically. It happened with me, that’s why I’m confident while saying that.

Thinking and Creativity

Apart from typing and English skills, your thinking skills also develop automatically with long-term blogging. The “Never Before” thoughts come to your mind. New ideas come every day and you express them through your blog posts. As a blogger, you have to update content regularly or you will lose users. So you think of new posts daily and boost your creativity.

Your creativity boosts as you think more about designing things like Featured Images (if you do) and customizing the theme. Your interest in graphic designing automatically increases.

Freedom of Expressing your Views

Use blogging as a tool to express yourself and your views. You have to total freedom to express your views. You tell people what you think and ask them to give their response. Through this, you’ll find “Like-Minded” people.

Connecting with others

With Blogging, you create a user-base and connect with other bloggers through Social Media or their websites and become their reader and they become yours. You connect with more and more people all around the world and get more ideas from them including tips to improve your blog.

People comment on your blog and subscribe to the notifications, this makes them a regular visitor. Isn’t it great? You create a network between you and your users.

Helping Others

With blogging, you not only benefit yourself but help others too. Helping others creates a bigger community and makes your blog more popular in your region as well as in the world.


A beneficial way to Pass Time

People watch television or movies to pass some time. You can do blogging to pass time. You know passing time through blogging is much beneficial than watching television shows or movies. It saves your money as well as improves your skills. It improves your reading skills and interest.

Easier Job Opportunities

A survey by some professionals stated that people who have a good online presence get jobs easier than others. Not only easier, but they get better job opportunities. Most of the companies check the social and online presence of the candidate before hiring.

Final Words

Though there are much more advantages of blogging, some important ones are listed here. If you consider blogging as a passion, then no one can stop you gaining success. But if you are doing it just for earning stuff (I did years before) and not by heart, then you’ll soon face failure.

Don’t worry, failure is the key to success. Once you fail in something, you understand your mistakes and try to make it better. Just never give up.

Follow these important tips:

  • No matter what CMS you use, your blog should look nice and attractive to the users.
  • Never copy-paste articles, if you do so, your rank on search engines will be affected.
  • Try blogging on Self-Hosted platforms like, rather than free hosted platforms.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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  2. Wonderful post. I have always believed that blogging has got other great advantages apart from earning from it.

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