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5 Tips for Blog Marketing (Simplest)



Blog Marketing

Here we have added another post on Blog Marketing.

Marketing your blog doesn’t have to be some kind of online nightmare.

Most new or struggling bloggers feel flummoxed at how to market their blogs.

The process is simple.

Persistence in doing the right things for the right reasons is the difference maker to successfully promoting your blog.

Keep at it and traffic, comments and profits will flow your way.

Follow these tips to market your blog effectively.

1) Be Consistent

Be consistent with your blog marketing campaign.

Send out a clear, consistent message that resonates with your readers.

I cover blogging tips themed topic that vibes with my audience. Whether creating videos or eBooks or blog posts or guest posts, I tend to stick to the blogging tips topic to market my blog effectively.

Stay on topic. Don’t stray off course.

Program people to respond to your persistent message.

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2) Be Persistent

Be persistent to outlast other flashes in the pan online marketers.

Most bloggers give something a shot for a few days or weeks, marketing-wise, and mail it in when things do not seem to be moving quickly enough.

Persistent bloggers market their wares over the long haul to become memorable and to succeed with their blog.

Why are you blogging? Tie the reason to something fun and freeing.

Hold this driver close to your heart to market your blog persistently.

3) Market *Other* Bloggers Freely

This tip is the difference maker.

Smart bloggers market other bloggers more than they market themselves. Doing so builds friendships between bloggers and these bonds yield awesome returns over the long run.

Example; after reading a blogger’s post you retweet their work for the next few weeks. Your fellow blogger may appreciate the sweet RTs and promote you in return on Twitter or through their blog, expanding your reach far and wide.

The more good friends you make through promoting other bloggers the more your reach will expand as these folks market your blog to their followings.

Nothing beats having an army of loyal blogging buddies spreading the word for you. Make buddies with bloggers in your niche by retweeting their posts, by Facebook Sharing their updates and by mentioning your blogging friends via your blog and through guest posts.

Be generous.

Make friends.

4) Guest Post

Guest post on blogs from your niche.

Market your blog while building friendships with niche bloggers.

Guest posting is a powerful form of blog leveraging.  By placing guest posts on other blogs you access large, targeted audiences who benefit from your insights. Some of these readers will visit your blog and sign up for your email list. Other folks may hire you or buy your products.

Guest post to share value and to make friends. The marketing will take care of itself if you guest post for the right reasons.

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5) Comment Effectively

Post 2-3 paragraph, personalized, thoughtful comments on top blogs from your niche. Flesh out some point made in the post. Stay on topic. Don’t make it about your blog; make it about a response to the blog post.

Build bonds.

Drive blog traffic.

Market your blog through the concept of attraction marketing.

If you help people through blog comments you attract like-minded readers who dig your work.

A well thought out, authentic blog comment serves as a powerful marketing tool. Making firm impresses with each blog comment on a wide number of blogs in your niche is like sending out an army of marketers for your blog, spreading your value-added word in many places at once.

Comment to build bonds and to add value.

Employ this under-utilized strategy to market your blog effectively.

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Your Turn

Have you applied all these tips to your blog?

If you know something, you can tell us using the comments section below

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