Update GBWhatsApp or Your Number will be Temporarily Banned

Are you a GBWhatsApp User? Well, there’s some good as well as bad news for you. You might not be able to use the modded WhatsApp applications like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and YoWhatsApp, because of the new restrictions by WhatsApp. If you got a ‘Temporarily Banned’ notice on your Mod App, Read this post fully.

What is GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Mod App?

WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger application in the world. It has many options which make it the best messenger application ever. You can use this app normally. There are some great features provided by this popular messaging app. Some of the features of WhatsApp are given below.

  1. Fast and Instant Messaging
  2. Read Receipts
  3. Delete the sent message

However, WhatsApp provides limited options for these settings and provides the same look for this app. You cannot even change the look of this app. That’s why there are some modded WhatsApp apps which overcome this limited functionality of WhatsApp Messenger. Some of the popular Modified WhatsApp Apps are GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus.

These apps use WhatsApp API to send and receive messages. These apps are regularly updated with new features, security, base, and functionality. WhatsApp claims these apps are not much safe, although there are no problems till now, as reported by the users of these apps.

GBWhatsApp/YoWhatsApp/WhatsApp Plus Common Features

Some features of these apps are given below.

  1. Similar to WhatsApp.
  2. You can send and receive messages from other WhatsApp users.
  3. Uses WhatsApp API.
  4. WhatsApp has limited read receipts function, which means if you don’t wanna show others that you read their message, then you too won’t be able to see whether others read your message or not. This is now overthrown by these mod apps. You don’t allow your read receipts, but you can see the read receipts of others.
  5. You can also Read Deleted Messages with these WhatsApp Mod Apps.
  6. You can change the theme of the app. Make it Dark or Light with a variety of themes available.

Do you want to get the Latest Version? Check below.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version?

To download GBWhatsApp Latest Version, Check the links or buttons we provided in this post. You can easily download the Latest Version GBWhatsApp Update with those Links/Buttons.

Check the button provided below for GBWhatsApp Temporarily Banned Solution and Latest Version.

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version

Are there some risks in using GBWhatsApp? Read the paragraphs below.

WhatsApp Started banning Mod App users?

Many users reported that their account is banned from using WhatsApp because of mod apps. In their official statement on this topic, WhatsApp First time used the words GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, this means that WhatsApp is working on something to avoid/block these mod apps. Click here to check the Official Statement by WhatsApp.

After this, the creators of GBWhatsApp Issued the Latest Update 6.85 and claimed there’s no need to worry. As the base of this app is regularly updated, WhatsApp will not be able to recognize the difference between the regular app and modded app.

Still, there’s some risk. You should use these apps at your own risk.

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4 thoughts on “Update GBWhatsApp or Your Number will be Temporarily Banned”

  1. OK so if you can add thing that is safe in this whatsapp you want us to use taking status when you like it themes I don’t think that can cause problems like things that we like becouse now we u used with this app GB and whatsapp plus so if can add things to this whatsapp mybe it will be batter thank you

  2. Why cant we all start using some other messenger Apps… like
    Etc. etc..

    They think that we the people do not have choice but to use Official Whatsapp only by killing our Choice of option.
    You stop using whatsapp, when they see people migrating to other messengers, they will stop forcing people…
    They are forcing us because they know we dont have choice… lets create our new choice…

    Let us all Chose some other messenger and they will automatically cease to either force or exist.

    Let then BAN GB Whatsapp… WE BAN WHATSAPP…

    I already started telling my friend circle to reach me on BBM or Viber if hey want, I dont use Whatsapp anymore..

    Why BEG… when I have a CHOICE..

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