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Fix any problem on JioFi increase speed easily



JioFi Slow Speed
JioFi Slow Speed

JioFi Network Problem and Slow Speed issue

JioFi working slow or Is it showing the red light signal? This post might solve your problem.


Before starting this, have you heard about Jio Juice? If not, then Read this post about JIO Juice by Reliance Jio.

So, you might have purchased the JioFi device and while using the device, you are having some problems with the speed or the device is showing red light network rather than green or blue. Here, we are going to solve those problems using simple methods.

I am also a regular JioFi user and I too had these problems. So, I tried to solve the problem manually. I did a lot of work and finally, I found the solution to the problems which occur in the device.



I am sharing with you all the solutions which I found helpful. Here, I am categorizing problems in two types:

  1. Speed Problem (Reasons and solutions)
  2. Network Problem (Red Light)

For some people, the JioFi might be giving slow speed and for others, it is showing a red colored signal rather than green or blue. If your JioFi device is showing red signal, then directly go to the 2nd point and then read the first point.

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Reasons for Low speed in JioFi

Network Availability

We all know that “MORE NETWORK MEANS MORE SPEED”. This applies to the JioFi device also.  If your JioFi device is showing Green signal or Green colored signal, it means that you have a good network and the speed will be good automatically. But, if your JioFi device shows blue or red colored signal, it means that your area doesn’t have a good network. So, try moving the device to a place, where you get good network or good signal (Green Colored). The best methods to get some good network are shown after these reasons.

Band Availability

In India, the bands available for use are Band3, Band5, and Band40. Make sure your device is using Band40 because Band3 and Band5 give slow speed. Band40 is the high-speed band and it is only available when you get a good signal. So, try to maintain your device at Band40 to enjoy high-speed 4G internet from your JioFi device. To know how to check BANDS on JioFi device, read the solutions below.


The distance of JioFi should be at most 10 meters from the device which is connected to it. The speed decreases as you move far from the JioFi device and get less network from it. Also, make sure that nothing comes between the JioFi and the Device (except the air). As stated in an FAQ section by the company, barriers like walls or doors sometimes tend to decrease the speed.

Other reasons

There are some other reasons which I think are responsible for the low speed of JioFi. This is my personal experience. The height of the device from the ground is responsible for its low speed. I think that if you keep the device at a lower height or on the ground, the device’s speed is automatically lowered.

Another reason is your recharge. Please check that you have DATA left on your account. If your per day 1 GB quota is used, the speed will be slow and even if you apply these steps, it will be as slow as 128 KBPS.

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Solutions to speed problems


Try getting a green signal. Blue or red isn’t sufficient to give you great speed. To achieve good network, try walking or roaming with the device all around the house. Stop at the place, where you get the good network. Now, keep the device at that place and enjoy the high-speed internet. I have to keep the device in front of my basin to get high-speed internet from the JioFi device.


Make sure that you are connected to Band40. To check which band your device is connected, login to JioFi control panel.

Steps to check the connected Band using mobile or laptop:

  1. Login to http://jiofi.local.html, using a browser like Chrome.
  2. In the LTE status, Check the operation band.
  3. If it shows Band5 or Band3, then try moving the device inside your house or office.
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. Roam until you get the desired Band40.
  6. As soon as you get Band40, stop and place the device nearby there.

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If there are barriers like the wall between your device and JioFi, then, try moving JioFi close to the device. More the density of JioFi network, more speed you get. Remember this mantra as it applies everywhere. Stay in the room where your JioFi device is. It will help you to get a good signal from JioFi and enjoy the high-speed internet.

My method to get high-speed internet on JioFi

Use these methods at your own risk.

To get high-speed internet on the JioFi device, try keeping it at a height greater than your height. Believe me, this will help you get good speed from JioFi. I have been using JioFi from April month in the year 2017, in the beginning, there was no problem with the device. But now, there are plenty of problems with the device. It automatically restarts sometimes.

It also shows a red signal which blinks continuously and there is no internet connection.

JioFi Red signal

JioFi Red signal

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The Red signal problem

Suddenly, the red colored signal came up showing. Don’t get depressed. Follow these steps which I had applied to recover the green or blue signal.

  • Switch ON your JioFi device
JioFi Startup

JioFi Startup

  • Open the back panel
  • On the right side, you will see RESET written with a hole beside it
  • Take a PIN or SIM CARD ejector
  • Put it in the hole, you will feel like you are pressing a button
  • Press it for at least 14 seconds
  • The device will RESTART automatically

After applying you’ll see the Blue or Green signal. If you cannot see the Green or Blue signal, try contacting the customer care.

I have contacted the JIO Customer care and they told me to go to the nearest Reliance Digital with my JioFi and update the software. They told me that after updating, the device will work fine. I also asked if that would charge money. They told me it is totally free of charge.

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Final words

[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

I am a regular user of JioFi from April 2017 and it works fine sometimes and sometimes it works WORST. I think it depends on your location, as I live in an area where the JIO network is low, I get slow speed. But after applying all these tips, I could get speed as fast as 6 MBPS which is great for me. At some locations, the speed is even 10 to 13 MBPS. I will go to the Reliance Digital and update the device. After that, I will update this post and tell what changes occurred.

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  1. satish kukku

    May 4, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    jiofi 4 reset please i changed the defalt password ang forgot.

  2. Rushikesh Thawale

    May 5, 2018 at 2:52 am

    Hi Satish,
    Check This heading to reset your JioFi device easily. Follow all the steps after the heading, The Red Signal Problem, or use this link!

  3. Inksplore

    August 9, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Hi Rushikesh,

    Thank yo for your hands on troubleshooting on this technological issue with Jio wifi speed. I hope that this methods will resolve the speed issue. Thanks for giving your advice.

  4. Gregory

    August 10, 2018 at 8:20 am

    Good Suggestion indeed, thanks for sharing.

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