Mobile Apps for being Tech Savvy with Managing Finances

Everything is going digital these days. So is money management. There are various apps for being tech savvy to manage your money effectively. But since there are n number of such apps, people get confused about which app to go for. Seeing the ambiguity they tend to ignore these apps. Moreover, since money is involved people find security a concern.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of some apps you can use to be tech savvy with managing finances. You can freely use them without any tension of fraud or spam. So, without any further ado, let us read about these apps.


Savart is amongst the smartest ways to invest in mutual funds and stocks. The investors can invest with the help of personalised suggestions from the mutual fund experts to match their income level, financial preferences, and risk appetite.

Using savart the investors can make investments simple, profitable, safe, affordable as well as accessible. Savart allows you to invest between stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs and Gold. The plus point of this app is that there is no paper work involved. You can begin the investment right through this app. If you are confused and need some help, you can go for their online as well as offline support. You can call them anytime and their experts will guide you.

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The app runs on two modes – manual and auto mode. You can choose between personal research and personalised advice based on your preferences and style.

There is one amazing feature of the app – the round up feature. Savart rounds up the investment to the next multiple of ten and invest it for you.

Savart supports various mutual funds such as Reliance Mutual fund, HDFC mutual fund, SBI mutual fund, L & T Mutual fund and over 1000 mutual funds from India’s leading AMCs.

MINT – income – expense, money manager

Mint is amongst the best ranked app in its category. This tag of top ranked is given to the app by many popular magazines and blogs. Mint is another app which helps in achieving your financial goal. Various sort of things such as your credit card, bank account detail, and your bills are arranged in one platform so that you yourself can see and then analyse where you are spending too much money and where you can save. As far as the bills are concerned, the Mint app will help on reminding you the due bill so that you can see your overall spending and analyse where you can cut down in order to save money.

Bills are a part of our monthly routine. Coming to the bill section, Mint will keep on reminding you the due bills so that you can pay them well on time. Mint is a great saviour for the ones who are always running short of time. The reason behind people’s trust on this app is that it offers proper care to its users so that they can manage their financial life easily.

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Walnut is a money manager app that automatically and securely tracks your monthly spends. Using this, you can stay within budget, pay bills on time and save more money every month. It keeps a track of how much you spend on food, shopping, groceries, etc. and how you are saving month on month.

You can also set Walnut as the default SMS app to get the best SMS spam and fraud protection.

If you are a continuous user of the app, you will be eligible for the Walnut Prime. Hereby, you will get instant line of credit for your purchase, large bills and any emergency.

You can take control of your money and save more of it. You can even split expenses with friends – the slickest bill split experience. It will also help you in tracking nearby ATMs with cash in real time. Apart from all these features, Walnut also keeps track of your train, taxi or cab, movie bookings and much more. You can even create your custom categories to track expenses and quickly add cash spent too. Walnut allows you to easily search for expenses, tags or notes.


Splitwise is another great app for sharing bills and IOUs and make sure that everyone gets paid back.

You can make use of Splitwise to split the household bills with your roommates, to figure out costs for a group vacation or trip, or just to remember when a friend spots you for a lunch. You can use the app on your android phone or your iPhone. You can also use Splitwise on the web located at address The app allows you to view your balances, track spending trends, set up email reminders for the due bills, and many more things.


Google Pay (Tez) allows you to send money to friends and family, pay bills and buy online, recharge your phone or pay at the nearby café. The Google Pay (Tez) works with your bank account that means your money is safe with your bank.

Google Pay (Tez) keeps you tension free as you need to worry about reloading wallets or do any additional KYC. A plus point of the Google Pay (Tez) is that it allows you to send money to anyone, even to the ones who do not use Google Pay (Tez).

You get multiple layers of security – first from your bank, then from the UPI app and finally from Google. You can send money to people without sharing any personal details like your phone number.


Google sheets are the spreadsheets from google that allows you to create, edit and collaborate with other spreadsheets from your phone or tablet with the Google sheets app.

Some of the notable features of the google sheets are –

  • You can make new spreadsheets or edit existing files
  • You can collaborate in the same spreadsheet at the same time.
  • You can also work offline – anytime and anywhere.
  • You can even format cells, enter or sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find or replace feature.
  • Everything you work is automatically saved as you type. You need not to worry about losing your data.

In today’s time, everyone is working hard to get money. But they have no idea how to invest and where to invest this money so that they can build more money.

Without proper knowledge, one can never be financially stable. All the above-mentioned apps give proper knowledge as well as the right path to invest the money and become stable without facing any difficulties or failure. You can go and use any of the apps as per your needs and requirements.

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