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Everything you need to know about Jio Juice #JioJuice



Jio Juice JioJuice Plans Features How it Works

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Before starting, take a look at this official video.

After watching this video, you may have got an idea of JioJuice. Still confused? We are here to solve your confusion.

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Introduction to JioJuice

Many of us had the question, What exactly JioJuice is?

Is JioJuice a Power Bank?

Is JioJuice a Charger?

Is JioJuice a Wireless Charger?

The answer is NO.

JioJuice is none other than the Jio Sim card with special ability to charge your phone using a SIM Card. Yes, just a SIM Card can charge your phone.

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Is JioJuice an April Fool’s Prank?


Many people thought of it as an April Fool’s prank as it is released on 31st March on the Official Pages. But, Jio is not making you fool.

Many Twitter users considered it as an April Fool’s Prank and retweeted it as an April Fool’s Prank. But, the main announcement on the official page of Reliance JIO, made it clear.

Many other people, appreciated the technology and commented it as an innovation. People loved this new innovation by Jio.

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Tweet by the Owners,

Is Jio Juice a Power Bank, or a Charger?

After reading some posts on their Social Profiles, you may have considered JioJuice as a Power Bank or a Charger like Wireless or Solar Charger.

But, It is more than you think. Yeah, It is a charger but not as normal as you’re thinking.

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How JioJuice Works


JioJuice Works on the principle of EMI. You can read more about EMI on the world’s best knowledge source, Wikipedia.

In an easy language, ElectroMagnetic Induction or EMI is simply the phenomenon in which voltage or emf is produced in a conductor in changing magnetic field.

How Jio Juice will work

Do you know how Wireless charging works? If not, then read this article on Wikipedia on How EMI has applications on Wireless charging.

So, if you have read this article on Wikipedia, you have seen that in far-field wireless charging, the energy is transferred using beams of electromagnetic radiation.

The same concept will be used by Jio Juice.

They will create an ElectroMagnetic Field between the transmitter and the receiver (your Jio SIM). The transmitter is expected to be the tower near your area.

Jio Juice Working

Jio Juice Working

It will transmit all the necessary Electromagnetic Radiations required for producing Energy in your Jio SIM card, which will be enough to charge your phone.

As soon as you enter the SIM Card on your Phone, It will start converting 4G Data Packets into true Energy which will charge your phone.

Isn’t it amazing?

Currently, there’s a very less information available on this topic. We will update the article as soon as we get more information.

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#WithLoveFromJio [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

It is actually amazing, that you can charge your phone without any charger and with just a SIM Card. This is one of the great innovative concepts ever.

This will help users to solve the issue of LOW BATTERY, as you’d be able to charge your phone anytime and anywhere.

This is the Future and Welcome to the Future. You may be thinking, WTF is this? But day by day, the technology is exceeding its limits from nano-technology, human-robot to ultra-wireless charging.

This project currently has no patent, as in their official video, they said there’s patent pending. Hope, they get patent as soon as possible.

It is currently in Beta State. More information coming soon.

What are your opinions on this? Just Bomb the Comment Box below.

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