Android P Latest Features from Developer Preview

Android P 9.0

Let me ask you a simple question, What do you think will be the name of the latest  Android 9.0 P or Android P Name?

Will it be Android Peppermint or your favorite Android Pie?

Well, some of these questions will be answered and some will remain unanswered until this version of Android is released. Excited Huh?

But, There are many smartphones which haven’t even received the Android 8.0 or Android 8.1 Oreo Update, then it will be too difficult for them to get the latest Android 9.0 P Update soon.

Only, the Developer Preview of the Android P is released and some screenshots were shared by various Developers and YouTubers. So let us start the discussion about the Latest Features in the Latest Android 9.0 P.

Android P Name 9.0

This question is still unanswered by Google but, soon the name will come out, don’t worry. Still, there are rumors that the latest Android 9.0 P could be named as follows:

  1. Android Peppermint
  2. Android Pie
  3. Android Parfait
  4. Android Poptart
  5. Android Popsicle
  6. Android Peanut Butter
  7. Android Pecan Pie
  8. Android Pineapple
  9. Android Pistachio

But, nothing is officially confirmed by Google, about the name of the latest Android version.

Some people consider it to be named as Android Peppermint and it is supported by the famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee and many more people in the industry. We still have to wait for Google to confirm the name of the latest Android P 9.0 Officially.

Android P 9.0 Features

As shared officially by Google, Here are the Top New Features in the Latest Android P 9.0. But wait, these are seen only in the developer preview of the Latest Android P, so things may differ.

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This Developer Preview is released exclusively for the Google Pixel Users. If you have a Google Pixel Phone, You can install the developer preview.

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Top Features in Android P 9.0

Better Personal Security

Currently, each Android version allows the background apps to use your Camera, Microphone, Location and other sensors. Thus, your privacy might be at risk.

Just imagine, you are changing your clothes and someone is recording all your action without even letting you know about it. Don’t worry Android P won’t allow them. It is more secure.

Android P won’t allow the Background Apps use them and hence provides better security.

Support for the Notch Design

After the introduction of a Notch in iPhone X by Apple, now, every smartphone manufacturer will try to manufacture phones with fully bezel-less design or with a Notch.

So, Notch Design is the Future. As shared by us on our official Facebook Page,

These are the top phones with the Notch design. So, to support it fully, the Operating System must support this design to provide good value to the user.

So, the developers can create apps which support the Notch design of various phones and increase the display range of their apps.

This OS will also support the upcoming Foldable Displays and devices with multiple Displays. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get the latest updates on different devices.

Using several Cameras (Multi-Camera API)

Developers can use two or more cameras simultaneously and stream content using them. Thus enabling the use of More Cameras simultaneously.

And of course, it is Battery Consuming.

NFC Smart Payments Feature

NFC is not a new concept, but it can be used for a revolution. Yeah, a cashless revolution where you can pay or get paid instantly using NFC.

With Android P, Smart Card payments can be securely enabled by Android Developers and hence support the cashless economic system.

Better and Improved Notifications with new Features

The Notifications in Android P will be smart. Just kidding!

The Notifications will be able to support images from the different messaging apps like the messenger, WhatsApp, Allo, etc.

Thus, you will be able to view the full message in the notification itself and reply to that conversation without opening it.

Also, the notifications will show previous few messages and your replied messages too for more convenience.

Ability to edit Screenshots Directly

Yet another useful feature that Android users have been asking for a very long time. Thankfully, Android P has a Screenshot editor in its OS itself.

You can easily crop, add text or highlight using this editor and this is a pretty basic editor.

This editor is similar to the editor in the iOS 11, so we can say that Google is taking inspiration from the Apple.

Lockdown Feature

The Fingerprint Sensor is a great and time-saving feature. But, still, this feature is not safe enough! How? Let us discuss.

Suppose, you are sleeping and your friend comes, takes your finger and unlocks the phone to access your private data like chats, etc.

You won’t even know that someone unlocked your phone with your finger when you were sleeping. Thus, for better privacy and security, Google introduced a lockdown feature with Android P.

After enabling this feature, if someone uses your fingerprint to unlock the phone while you are sleeping, he would still require the pattern or any other primary password to unlock the phone.

Pretty Interesting, Huh?

Other Features

There are a lot of other features and changes in Android P such as the animation while using different apps will be like the animation in iPhones. We will talk about these features in Future Posts.

Check this Video on Android Authority’s official YouTube channel.


Android P Update will be a very smooth update and will have easy UI and will be pretty basic. The color combination in this new Android 9.0 P could be better an Android 8.0 Oreo.

To receive the latest Android Version on your smartphone, you can buy the phones which have Android One or Android Go support as these smartphones will receive the update soon. For example: Mi A1, etc.

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