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I am Rushikesh Thawale, the founder-owner of Here I am sharing details of Informer Fox website with you. After reading this page, you’ll get an idea about what information I provide on this website and why I am doing all this.

How I gave the name Informer Fox

To create a perfect website, we need a perfect name. I was thinking a lot of giving a good name to the site but I didn’t get a perfect name. Then I consulted my friend, still, I got no solution. I wanted to give a short name to the site but when I tried to register the domain, it was too costly. So short name for the site was not the solution. Finally, an idea came in my mind that I should name this site as Informer Fox. As this name is new and not used by anyone.

I would have given some name like Tech Info (name) or Rushi Tech but there are millions of blogs on the internet with the same name. I also wanted to do something different. So I came up with Informer Fox as the name for my site.

About InformerFox

At, I write about Android, Technology, Reviews, Blogging Tips and help, and my personal opinions on Gadgets, Softwares, Website or an app. I write about products in detail after using them and tell users about the pros and cons of the product. I also post my opinions about the product (Product=Phone, Laptop, Website, Software or App).

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Apart from all this, I share my knowledge about blogging with WordPress and Blogger. Here, I share most important tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs all around the world. In the blogging section, I will give useful tips related to WordPress, Blogger, Web-Hosting, Domains, Themes and the list continues.

To request an article on, write an email to request[at] ([at]=@). I will surely help you!

About me – Rushikesh Thawale

Starting from the Childhood

I am connected with computers from my childhood itself. When I was 5 year old, My father died due to cancer. So, I and my mom stayed at my mom’s childhood home. So I grew up there and educated from there. My maternal uncle had opened a computer training institute in 1999 and as I lived there from my childhood, I am so connected with the computer world. I started using computers and the internet at the age of 5.

At the age of 8, when I was in 4th Grade, I have passed a computer exam called as MS-CIT. When I told people about this, it was too surprising for them as passing MS-CIT at the age of 8 was a big thing at that time. Even many adults were not able to pass this exam at that time. I have learned MS-OFFICE, COREL DRAW, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE PAGEMAKER, and many software there. I have also learned languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, C, and C++.

I have passed 10th Grade with 95.20% (100/100 in Maths) from Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE). Then I passed 11th and got 85% in 12th. I lost marks in 12th Grade just because of my over-confidence and lack of studies after lectures. I studied for the exams for just one month and got 85%.

Under-Graduate studies

I have interest in programming from my childhood. So, I wanted to do engineering in CSE. So I prepared for JEE and CET exams (Actually not prepared). I got 80 marks in JEE and 83 in CET. As I scored less in CET, it was too difficult for me to get admission in a good college near me for CSE. If you are in Maharashtra, you know that it is too difficult to get admission on the basis of JEE marks. Here, CET marks are more preferable.

So, I decided to have a gap of one year and repeat the exam. After sitting at home for two days, I felt that Is it right to repeat the exam and waste one year? Suddenly my mom said that take spot-admission in a college affiliated to Nagpur University. When I went there, there were no seats left for Computer Engineering. So I took admission in Information Technology branch. Now I am in the First Year.

Interest in Websites

I am surfing the internet from the age of 5. I love surfing the internet and discovering new things. One day, at the age of 8, I was searching the internet for “How to create a website for free”, and I came up with Wix and Blogger. At that time I had no knowledge of WordPress or hosting.

From my childhood, I have used blogger a lot and created a lot of blogs with it. I had no knowledge of “Real Blogging” and website creation. I just created blogs and then copy-pasted content from various sites to my blogs. I did not understand the real meaning of blogging and just posted things. I started my first professional website Before it, I created a lot of websites but this was the greatest among all of them. My first website with TLD

In June 2016, I started and kept an aim to earn money. I did not focus on blogging and used copyrighted and copied content on Thus, I did not earn a lot of money from But I earned almost $4 using various ad networks. Finally, I became passionate about blogging and did a lot of research.

Then I created some blogs as I became passionate. I started writing about education and technology. Then I came up with a lot of things by searching on the Internet. The next big thing in my life

I started as a passion and I work regularly to keep this website updated and provide good and valuable information and reviews. I will also help other bloggers through

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